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Vaffelbageren's Coffee

At Vaffelbageren we never stop the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee.
A series of factors determine our experience of the coffee, and could always have been changed on one or the other. Some factors are more crucial to the experience than others. Here are the most important.

Water makes up 98.5% of the finished coffee, and are crucial to the taste. Water that has been going for a long time or have been heated before has a flat taste. Fresh water is best to release the taste and flavor from the ground coffee.

Brewing time - from 20 seconds to 16 hours
How long should the coffee draw? When water and beans come in contact extracted flavors of coffee, but there are big differences in how long the two should ideally be in the company of each other. An espresso that is transmitted with 9 bars pressure must run through in 20-25 seconds while a coffee press, where the water is 92-94 degrees must draw 3-4 minutes. Is the extraction of the card will not reach the full potential of the taste, and it is too long will be extended to many bitter substances that are even worse.

The exception is cold brewed coffee, where the water is no more than 5 degrees when brewing. Cold water extract substances in the coffee very slowly, and with virtually no bitter substances. This means that we can brew for 16 hours and get a completely clean and sweet coffee out of it without bitter substances.

Beans, milling and storage
Oxygen is coffee's worst enemy. It combines with coffee and degrade gradually flavors. Therefore, the whole beans are also more resistant to oxygen because a large part of the coffee is covered by the protective surface. An opened bag of coffee should
used within 2 weeks. The more oxygen in the air, the coffee comes in contact with - the quicker the loss of Arom

Coffee 35 -

Vaffelbageren's Tea

Chaplon grow their tea for the best Japanese principles on a small plantation in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), with one goal, to make a tea that is soft, round, fine and elegant. The plantation is carefully selected, because a unique combination of temperature, wind and soil conditions gives the tea a particularly elegant taste.

As the same time using only hand plug goat buds result is a fine and soft teas of the highest quality. Teen is organic and is grown under proper conditions for tea pickers.

This is our selection of teas:

Quince // Full moon tea // Earl Grey Mountain Flower // English Breakfast Blackcurran // Grøn te // Fruit tea Strawberry tea

Tea 35,-

A good day at Nyhavn with a fresh ice cream in your hand.

We bake waffles every day from Vaffelbageren's secret recipe. Homemade sweets and fresh whipped cream.