The secret of our homemade, fresh and warm waffles, is an old recipe from in 1920.

Vaffelbageren's dairy ice cream

1 scoop 35,-
2 scoops 40,-
3 scoops 45,-
One extra scoop + 5,-
Incl. Fresh whipped cream and jam or homemade strawberry candy.

Soft ice cream / sweets / whipped cream / hot chocolate + 5 -

We recommend:
Nyhavns special:
Marshmallow ice cream 50,-

Half and half
1 scoop of ice cream, lovely candy and ice cream on top. 50 -

Ice from heaven and homemade waffles from Vaffelbageren! Treat yourself with a little luxury.
You get wonderful mixtures of flavors, delicious sauces, berry with a taste of summer and nuts. Combine just your friends, grab a bite, close your eyes and enjoy it, welcome to Vaffelbageren.

Vanilla ice cream with vanilla seeds as grandmother made it.
Nougat with crunchy tastes like homemade nougat.
Banana and Chocolate Banana ice cream with chocolate pieces.
Mint and chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate sauce.
Chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate.
Blueberries taste of a Swedish Morten Koch film.
Coffee The delicious ice cream is great news for all coffee lovers.
Dulce De Leche caremelis with caremel sauce.
Strawberry ice cream with pureed strawberries and strawberry pieces.
Rome and Rosin put in pickle of Jamaica rum and dark chocolate.
Stracciatella vanilla cream ice cream with chocolate pieces.
Daim ice cream with daim pieces and caremel sauce, licorice, pistachio.
Ice cream with chopped / roasted pistachios.
Walnut ice cream with caramelised walnuts.

Vaffelbageren's sorbet ice:
Blackcurrant Sorbet Lemon Sorbet, Coconut.


A good day at Nyhavn with a fresh ice cream in your hand.

We bake waffles every day after our own secret recipe. Homemade goodies and fresh whipped cream.