Job in Denmark's largest waffle bakery

Job in Denmark's largest waffle bakery

Vaffelbageren in Nyhavn, is one of the few existing real old-fashioned waffle bakeries. We can offer ice cream, fresh whipped cream and homemade goodies. The secret of our homemade fresh and warm waffles is an old recipe from 1920. - The remains secret !!

Our products have always been associated with high quality, and we feel naturally bound to continue. Therefore, we stick to our concept.
Would you like to be a part of Denmark's largest Waffle maker / ice cream shop and likes to work when everybody else is free?

Love to work when it's holiday and weekend?
Waffle baker are open all year with a cafe in the winter and 100% genuine old-fashioned waffle bakery all summer.

Your application must include the following:

  • Inspiring application
  • CV with picture
  • Recommendations with contact details
  • Your vacation for next summer

We welcome unsolicited applications.

We regularly need new employees to our kiosk in Nyhavn. Call or send an email to